La Piola Mother’s Day Menu 2016

Updated 1 May 5/1更新

母親節套餐好評再加碼!為了讓更多的媽媽可以享用La Piola為她們所推出的獨特餐點,5/7週六當晚也能在La Piola吃到我們的【母親節套餐】喔!看到這則訊息的媽媽們,不要客氣,快轉發到您的Facebook牆上吧!孩子會懂妳的!訂位專線 02-2740-6638

* 5/7晚餐與5/8全天La Piola採預約制,並只供應母親節套餐

Great news! La Piola Mother’s Day Menu will be available also for the dinner on the 7th of May (Saturday)! Dear mums, please do not hesitate to share this post to your Facebook wall — your kids will know exactly what you mean! For reservation, please call: 02-2740-6638

* We will only serve the Mother’s Day menu for 7 May dinner and 8 May lunch & dinner (by reservation only)


La Piola母親節套餐有三種義式風味前菜一次滿足,每位貴賓都可以自由選擇一道義大利麵食飯食與一道主餐,最後還有我們主廚特製的母親節手工蛋糕搭香草冰淇淋喔!相信在這特別的日子,媽媽一定會感受到您的滿滿心意!歡迎來信預約 或於營業時間內來電 02-27406638

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! La Piola’s Mother’s Day Special Menu include 3 very Italian appetizers and you can pick one portion of our risotto or pasta, plus 1 main course from our Mother’s Day menu. Of course you will be served a really tasty dessert made specially only for this special day by our chef. For reservation, please contact us any time at or at 02-27406638 during our business hours.