Special Promotion for Italian Sparkling Wine at La Piola!

La Piola與大家一同歡慶耶誕節與新年,兩杯(是兩杯喔)義大利氣泡酒促銷價台幣388、單瓶台幣980 (以上價格皆不含服務費)


To celebrate Christmas & New Year with everyone, we have a special promotion of 3 Italian sparkling wine: 388 NTD / 2 glasses, 980 NTD / bottle (prices not inclusive of service charge)

To book La Piola’s New Year’s set for the 1st day of 2016, please reach us by the 25th of December. Looking forward to seeing you soon in the new year!

** 喝酒不開車 安全有保障 未滿十八歲不得飲酒 **