Gigli pasta!

中午剛好在跟同事討論晚餐要吃什麼嗎?歡迎來La Piola嚐嚐特別的新菜色 — 手工百合麵佐墨魚醬與龍蝦!至於什麼是百合麵(gigli pasta)呢?主廚怕大家不了解,特別拍了一張特寫照要給大家看,這個百合麵看起來有點可愛,吃起來更是可口呢!快來試試看!

Discussing with colleagues what to have for dinner tonight? Welcome to La Piola & try one of our new dishes: homemade Gigli pasta in Fresh cuttlefish ink ragout with Boston lobster! You might be wondering what “Gigli pasta” is… Our chef took a close pic of it — it looks nice & taste nicer! Book a table now +886-2-27406638